At one time, business intelligence and data warehousing platforms provided the primary avenue for using an organization’s data to drive performance and advantage. The high cost of building these platforms, however, prevented many smaller and mid‐sized organizations from deriving all the benefits available to their larger competitors.

Today, various technologies are “disrupting” the traditional reporting landscape and analytics architecture. Not only that; they are accessible to organizations of all sizes—enabling them to reap benefits ranging from lower costs to faster and more effective analysis.

Becoming “data driven” is a strategic imperative for organizations of all sizes. Not surprisingly, companies are spending more than ever before on data platforms.

In years past, cutting-edge tools that enabled organizational insight through advanced monitoring, reporting, and analytics capabilities were largely the domain of larger organizations that could afford them. Today, a variety of technologies—some of which have existed for several years or more—are changing the reporting landscape and analytics architecture. The good news is that this “shake up” is rewarding companies of all sizes with benefits that range from lower costs to expedited development to faster analysis.

This whitepaper explores five specific technologies that we see shaping the future of analytics and reporting.

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