Understanding, measuring, and implementing this key contact center metric to improve customer satisfaction.
First Contact Resolution (FCR) is an important metric for every business—regardless of its size or industry. It measures how often a customer’s issue is resolved the first time they contact an organization, essentially indicating how easy it is for a customer to do business with an organization.
For organizations that have dedicated contact centers, the FCR metric—tracking it and improving it—is paramount to success.

Unfortunately, FCR can be difficult to track and report on, since it can be defined and measured in multiple ways. A detailed definition for FCR allows organizations to establish clear expectations and consistency in the contact center, as well as create realistic targets. Establishing ways to report on FCR enables you to measure results and gauge progress toward targets.

Read this guide to learn:

  • Why tracking FCR is important to your contact center’s success
  • The various ways to define and measure FCR, and how to choose one method based on your contact center’s goals 
  • The six steps to implement and operationalize FCR at your contact center that gains efficiencies

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