Make software your competitive advantage.
According to recent data from Pitchbook, private equity deal volume in 2017 fell in all sectors except software and technology. In 2018, software-based deals look to be just as appealing to investors, with 78% of private equity firms planning three to four software acquisitions in 2018-19 and 13% planning five or more, according to a 2017 survey by West Monroe.

It’s clear that private equity firms are identifying proprietary software as a key differentiator or growth driver. But how do you evaluate whether a software solution can adapt to support future growth objectives? Doing this effectively requires an understanding of what can impact architectural scalability, and how these factors manifest in different scenarios.

Read this paper to learn:

  • What is scalability and how can it impact the success of my investment?
  • How does solution orientation impact scalability evaluation?
  • How should I think about software scalability for a given deal?
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