Every organization has a different starting point on their digital journey, but one common trait delivers significant momentum toward solving the digital transformation puzzle: building a coalition of “digital achievers.”
“Becoming digital” sits at the top of most corporate strategies, but for many organizations it remains nothing but an aspiration and buzzword. To become truly digital, you first must know what it means to be digital. Many executives with whom we work admit they really don’t—yet.
That’s understandable. Digital transformation isn’t just about introducing new technology capabilities; it is about navigating a wholesale shift in the way companies think and run—by changing business conditions, culture, and using data to scale and grow a business. That’s a tall order, even for those who feel they are ready to take on the journey.

Most of our discussions with executives lead to the topic of where to start. We wrote about this in another paper, Digital Transformation: Separating Hype from Reality, where we shared advice with executives who are panicked about their progress: Take a deep breath. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

While every organization will have a different starting point for their digital journey, we have observed certain activities that build momentum toward solving the complex digital transformation puzzle. One of those activities is to build, support, and empower a coalition of “digital achievers.”

Read this paper to learn: 

  • Who digital achievers are, and how they bring value to an organization
  • How to build a culture and organizational structure that supports the success of digital achievers
  • Examples of what digital achiever “coalitions” can accomplish
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