In the contact center of the future, strategy will be central to customer experience design.
By Cindy Dossett and Dan Davidson

Contact centers have long been the primary means of customer service across industries, but as customer needs and expectations evolve to encompass quick, personalized, and self-guided service, contact centers must become nimble, responsive, and tech-savvy partners in resolving customers’ issues.

Despite the hype about robots replacing humans, contact centers will not be going away. They will, on the contrary, play an increasingly valuable role in delivering the right customer experience for organizations. To successfully evolve with an increasingly wired world, it is essential that new contact center strategies be fully integrated into the organizations’ broader customer experience strategies.

Customers expect to engage with companies in more ways than ever—over email, chat, and text, as well as emerging communication tools—driving companies to reimagine the contact center model. Powerful human-computer teams hold the potential to serve and engage customers more effectively than ever, while making it simple for employees to offer consistent, high-quality service. 

Contact center agents are among the most valuable assets in executing customer experience strategies. To deliver on that potential value, agents must have training, empowerment, data, and motivation, all of which can be revolutionized with smart deployment of existing and emerging digital tools. 

Digital transformation in contact centers isn’t just happening—it’s accelerating. In five years, contact centers will look and feel radically different. In this paper, we’ll explore the wave of technologies on our doorstep today that every contact center needs to embrace: bots, predictive analytics, self-service, and tech-enabled agents.

We explore the contact center of the future from three angles: 

  • The Vision: How does customer experience strategy play a role in the transition?
  • The Opportunity: How will automation benefit customers and what role will agents play?
  • Closing the Gap: How do contact centers reach this future state?
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