How reimagining your contact center can lead to business growth and improved engagement across all customer channels.

By: Cindy Garrett, Director, Customer Experience and Eric Freshour, Manager, Operations Excellence

Escalating pressure to consistently boost the bottom line is driving executives to cut into tried-and-true establishments like the contact center, which may not appear as relevant in a digital age. And while contact centers have long been considered a necessary but expensive point of customer engagement, they are now a target for cutbacks as customers take to social media and self-help.

But downsizing your contact center for the sole purpose of cutting costs is a short-sighted strategy. An organization’s contact center can remain the heart of its customer service and raise top-line growth as long as it is purposed properly for the digital age.

Read this white paper to learn how to:

  • Uncover hidden value in your organization’s contact center amid new customer service channels
  • Compete with large market players by using the contact center as a key differentiator
  • Empower CSRs to manage every touchpoint in the customer engagement process to increase loyalty and revenue
  • Focus on relevant metrics used to monitor contact center effectiveness to drive improvements and tie to reward and incentive programs

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