Becoming a digital health system is a challenging endeavor, and not possible for all health systems. However, it is our view that transforming to value-based care is fundamental to the industry.

This paper is the final installment of a three-part series called The Next Generation of Health IT Spend. The series summarizes the recent history of health technology spend and predicts a new wave of needed IT investment. Learn more about this new wave of IT investment, and investment profiles health systems of the future will follow.

Turning the corner on digital

In The Next Generation of Health IT Spend, we summarized recent history of health system technology spend, characterized by two mass scrambles to implement EHRs and meet new regulatory reimbursement requirements. It is our opinion that we are on the brink of a third mass scramble, this one potentially more extreme and more industry-altering than the others before it.

With a focus on population health, cloud strategies, robust analytics, and digital health, this third mass scramble is set up to fundamentally change the way health systems operate. The industry as a whole is poised for transformation due to the rise of consumerism, and health systems need to carefully plan investments to master the transition.

Read this paper to learn: 

  • What digital health looks like in action— beyond the gimmicks and buzzwords
  • Steps your organization can take to “turn the corner” on becoming a digital health system
  • The investment required to prioritize a digital strategy