The recently proposed US EPA Clean Power Plan will affect state energy/EPA and utility regulators, gas and electric utilities, and others in the energy delivery value chain.
As you plan your near-term and longer-term actions, how can you best manage the risks associated with this proposed plan? Have you developed your own risk assessment of potential impacts to your organization, investors, and customers? The West Monroe Partners Risk Assessment Framework will help you think through the implications of the proposed rule.

Expected outcomes from the Framework include:

  • How best to work with state regulators in developing strategies and plans that work for individual stakeholders and meet the proposed rules
  • Capturing potential impacts on local generation fleets, including ongoing investments and plans and the cost of incremental impacts
  • Comparison and integration with other state and federal pollution regulations
  • Criteria to evaluate and select strategic partners on a local, state, and regional basis
  • Techniques to evaluate and balance the wide range of available tools and technologies

During the webinar we discussed how to:

  • Work in partnership with state regulators, energy providers, and competitors to develop flexible and economic measures given specific state energy profiles and regional economy
  • Identify the benefits and cost of the various “blocks” for achieving compliance
  • Capitalize on existing momentum and legacy investments
  • Determine the “best” approach for your organization given its unique situation in meeting requirements and demonstrating progress along the way  

The slides from the presentation can be accessed here. For additional questions or information, please reach out to Jack Winter, Paul DeCotis, or David South.