Grow Solar Partnership and West Monroe discuss the opportunities solar has created for utilities to create a positive customer experience.

The deployment of rooftop solar continues to grow and is beginning to have a significant influence on the philosophy, design, and operations of electric utility distribution systems. In 2014, the price of solar systems dropped nearly 20% and the number of installations increased by almost 28%. The Midwest is poised for significant growth in distributed renewables, including community and rooftop solar. This acceleration of solar growth will have a significant impact on utility operations and customer service.

Fundamental changes in any industry can pose a challenge, but within these changes there is also a significant opportunity for electric utilities to fundamentally (and positively) redefine their relationship with their customers considering adopting solar. We offered this webinar as part of the US Department of Energy SunShot Initiative’s Rooftop Solar Challenge II.
During this webinar we covered the following topics:

  • An overview of the Grow Solar Partnership’s Published Report: Current State Findings of Solar Enrollment Processes at Midwest Utilities
  • Leading practice solar enrollment processes & supporting technologies
  • How updated utility solar enrollment processes can lead to positive customer experiences
  • Upcoming utility challenges and opportunities with distributed renewables, such as community solar

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