West Monroe has identified several key integration pitfalls and how to overcome them.
For utilities of all sizes, the scale and complexity of the systems integration effort required for smart grid implementations remains a leading concern of utility management and a key area of project risk.

Systems Integration for Energy Utilities

West Monroe Partner’s Energy and Utility Practice has identified several key integration pitfalls that we’ve helped our clients overcome.

This Webinar addresses:

  • The increased technical complexity of a smart grid environments
  • The technical approaches available for developing an integrated smart grid system environment 
  • How to identify and avoid smart grid integration problem areas

The slides from this webinar are available for download here.


Cory Chaplin


  • Over 12 years of experience focused in IT strategy, application development, and systems integration
  • Cross-industry consulting experience applying technical and industry standards to complex issues
  • Technical delivery of solutions to help streamline business processes, deliver complex analytics, and enable trading partner integration

Related Experiences

  • Technical integration design and planning for City of Naperville, IL Smart Grid Initiative
  • Architected the enterprise IT architecture including systems, integration platform, reporting platform, and hardware for a leading retail energy supplier
  • Built custom SOA-based systems integration platforms before many of the current standards and systems existed

Key Relevant Skills

  • Deep skills in Microsoft application and database technologies
  • Expertise with various middleware products, specifically BizTalk Server
  • Strong abilities to communicate and coordinate across the many vendors that are involved in a systems integration project

Chris Lemme


  • 20 years experience in architecture design, systems integration and custom application development

Related Experiences

  • Architect for City of Naperville Smart Grid Initiative (NSGI)
  • Responsible for integrating various smart grid systems including AMI, MDMS, CIS, LCMS and customer ePortal using an Enterprise Service Bus implementation

Key Relevant Skills

  • Medium to large scale system architecture design
  • Agile software development strategies
  • Many development languages, platforms and databases particularly the .NET technologies
  • Data concepts, business process analysis and emerging technologies such as cloud computing