Microgrids hold significant potential to increase reliability and resiliency of critical government, military, security, healthcare, and other assets.
But not all applications result in a positive business case or value proposition. Further, while microgrids can provide valuable reliability and resiliency benefits to critical assets, it is not always at a cost less than utility grid services tailored to serve those assets.
This webinar will address lessons learned from the projects that have a positive business case, off-take contract/revenue structures, community/asset engagement, and locational values.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize what microgrid portfolios, business structures, asset services, and use cases are most viable
  • Identify best practices for building a positive business case
  • Examine cost benefits of microgrids
  • Apply lessons learned from past and current projects


  • David South, Senior Principal, Energy & Utilities 


Date and Time 

March 28, 2019
1 PM - 2PM CT

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