Get an update on our ConnectTheGrid™ platform and its expanded functionality!

ConnectTheGrid Overview Webinar - June 10, 2015 from West Monroe Partners

Many states and cities across the US are promoting or succumbing to additional customer-sited Distributed Energy Resources (“DER”) such as solar and storage. As the number of grid interconnections increase, the following challenges (and effects) are arising: 

  • Managing the manual approval process – straining the utility’s ability to meet service levels 
  • Lack of consolidated data from installed DER’s – limiting the utility’s ability to plan its system, respond to outages, or account for resources in planning, operations and system load forecasting 
  • Limited collaboration and communication tools between cities and utilities as they inspect systems – resulting in inefficiencies and redundancies 
  • Difficult to forecast distributed generation – impacting system load requirements
As a refresher, ConnectTheGrid™ provides utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives the ability to: 
  • Ease the application submission process through use of electronic forms by customers and contractors 
  • Leverage workflow management features to better allocate staff resources 
  • Utilize the master data set for DER asset tracking and reporting/dashboards 
  • Deliver automatic notifications to utility staff when applications approach approval time requirements 
  • Perform real-time distributed generation forecasting and more!
Contractors and electricity customers also benefit from the use of ConnectTheGrid™ through an improved customer experience.