Learn about our recent findings and observations on Enterprise Asset Management developments in the utilities industry
Interest in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) has been increasing as a means to effectively control capital costs and operating expenses within the utility industry.

Managing the total life cycle of assets requires maintaining equipment data, tracking events, and analyzing data to capture knowledge. This typically requires the implementation of software support tools and training of personnel to realize benefits. The challenge has been in both the implementation and operation of EAM systems, resulting in various degrees of success across the industry. Some of the challenges utilities face include: defining a true EAM strategy; identifying and gaining support of the business functions impacted by an EAM system; navigating through the numerous software options to select the one that best fits their needs; and capturing a return on the investment in an EAM system.

This webinar discusses our recent findings and observations on Enterprise Asset Management developments and where utilities should start in their first EAM implementation or in upgrading an existing EAM.

We will also cover the following questions:

• How functional will your Enterprise Asset Management be?

• What is required to prepare your utility for selecting an EAM?

• What EAM functions deliver the best value?

• Why are there so many different EAM system options?

• How do you determine the software that is best for your utility?

• How do you measure the TCO of a software selection?


Thomas Kerestes – West Monroe Partners


Tom Kerestes is a member of the Energy & Utilities practice of West Monroe Partners. He has more than 33 years of experience, including 25 years in a variety of technical and managerial positions for Xcel Energy (formerly Northern States Power).