Learn about the most effective demand response and direct load control programs utilities
As the costs to generate, transmit and distribute electricity increase, utilities are looking to implement programs that reduce demand and optimize loads. This webinar discusses demand response and direct load programs designed to help utilities meet these goals.

With time of use (TOU) pricing on the horizon and RTOs mandating the adoption of Demand Response (DR) programs, the ability to align and integrate these programs with business and technical initiatives raises many questions from utility executives. This webinar was created to help you understand and strategize the most effective demand response and direct load control programs for your utility.

The slides for this presentation can be downloaded here.


Dave Tilson – West Monroe Partners

Dave has more than 15 years of experience working with organizations to improve and enable customer-facing or impacting processes and systems. His focus is on helping utilities assess, develop, manage and enhance their Demand Side Management programs and Marketing Communications for their Smart Grid programs

Tom Doggett – Calico Energy Services

Tom is co-Founder of Calico Energy Services, which provides an advanced Demand Side Management platform to utilities throughout North America. His focus is on identifying the benefits of Demand Side Management and Smart Grid technologies for Utilities and their customers