How much security is enough?
As you expand your infrastructure for Smart Grid, have you asked if your network remains compliant with NERC, FERC NIST, IEEE, IEC, AMI-SEC, ANSI, OPEN-SG standards?

Please review our September webinar covering:

  • Business drivers of cyber security 
  • Common challenges and vulnerabilities of utility networks
  • West Monroe Partners’ cyber security maturity model and security assessment

The presentation slides are also available for download here.

If you have any questions about the importance to remain compliant as well as the benefits delivered by a Cyber Security plan, please contact one of our Cyber Security Experts below.

About Our Presenters

Daniel Belmont


20 years in industry related engineered technology and telecommunications products sales, marketing, business and market development

Related Experiences

Vice President and Founder of wireless broadband company that designed, financed, developed and grew a 30 tower 3000 endpoint  Motorola Canopy wireless broadband network throughout the Chicago suburban market
Key contributor to Smart Grid Utility initiatives through assessment, business case, vendor relationships, RFP design and development, project management and deployment for over 30 vendors and 4 separate RFPs at a major Midwest utility


Mike Manske


With a focus on network design and security, Michael brings over 10 years of experience providing variety of technologies including networking hardware and software, security, voice over IP, and client/server software solutions.

Related Experiences

Completed “Cyber Security Plans” required by the Department of Energy (DOE)  for five grant winners. The DOE has approved and accepted all five “Cyber Security Plans”
Led the requirements gathering for an IP/MPLS microwave backbone  communications network mobile voice, mobile data, and data collection for 500,000 AMI meters covering an area of 6,000 square miles.  These requirements were centered around the network remaining NERC/CIP compliant and the exercise ultimately led to the creation of a NERC/CIP Security Handbook.

Key Relevant Skills

  • Cisco CCSP (Cisco Certified Security  Professional)
  • CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)
  • Extensive knowledge of cyber security requirements, particularly around NERC/CIP and NIST requirements
  • Extensive experience with MPLS routing and IP design.