Join us for our webinar on August 20th as we discuss some of the key challaneges and opportunities that utilities are facing right now with managing distributed generation resources.

Recent market and regulatory drivers are increasing the interest in and volume of distributed generation (DG) systems being installed both residentially and commercially. Federal tax incentives, an excess of state renewable incentives/portfolio standards, stable natural gas prices and the falling cost of renewable technologies have all led to a strong market push for domestic DG. This has caused many challenges and hurdles that utilities must overcome to meet the continued growth and demand of distributed generation.

Our webinar on Tuesday, August 20th at 12pm CST as will discuss the major DG challenges that our clients are facing and some of the solutions to these problems, including:

  • Improved DG enrollment application processes
  • DG asset tracking & reporting
  • Benefits of real-time, load forecasting that accounts for DG resources

We will showcase a brief demo of ConnecttheGridTM, a cloud-based solution built by our team that helps utilities effectively integrate and manage the increased number of distributed generation resources along with the anticipated benefits that our clients will see.

Click here to view the slides from the webinar.