Lean Solutions—Eliminate waste. Improve performance. Reduce risk. Achieve your bottom-line targets.

We use a value-stream approach to identify and implement solutions that help capital markets organizations exceed client expectations, meet the needs of regulators and drive better performance.

Organizations rely on many processes to deliver products and services to their clients. But only 10 percent of total lead time is spent on tasks that truly add value. This means the other 90 percent of time is wasted on non-value-added activities. Is your firm experiencing:

  • Rising operational costs?
  • Frequent rework?
  • Long resolution time frames?
  • Low first-point-of-contact resolution rates?
  • Clients choosing to use alternate providers?

Speed counts, and "Lean" is the key

In order to remain competitive, firms must continue to find ways to deliver better and faster service at a lower cost. In this environment, time can be the most powerful competitive advantage. Build an organization that responds quickly to serve clients and preempt competitors, and your firm will grow profitability.

Lean continuous improvement is a comprehensive strategy and approach for improving business performance by focusing on the reduction of end-to-end lead time. It maximizes customer value by eliminating common forms of waste that cost firms valuable time and money—including redundant processing, unnecessary approvals, multiple hand-offs, chasing down information, re-work, queue times and more.

Every organization has waste—the key is to find and eliminate it

We pair Lean principles with industry expertise to help you achieve service, quality and financial goals. Our approach emphasizes rapid identification of opportunities to improve performance, allowing you to begin testing changes within weeks. Our experienced team works with you to:

  • Assess the current environment using data analytics, client feedback and process observation.
  • Develop a future state vision to achieve measurable impact on efficiency, client satisfaction and financial performance.
  • Design and pilot countermeasures to close gaps, remove operational waste and empirically prove expected improvements.
  • Implement sustainable solutions for delivering client, operational and financial benefits.

Our consultants have extensive capital markets industry experience and understand the challenges of your regulatory environment, your legacy IT systems, and your unique processes and operations—experience that enables us to help you eliminate waste in order to:

  • Remove unnecessary complexity
  • Increase client and employee satisfaction
  • Consume resources more efficiently
  • Enable agility, growth and advantage

That’s business in the right direction.