Loan origination and portfolio management efficiency affects revenue, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line.
We help banks develop effective and productive CRM capabilities using the and nCino platforms.

You’ve heard the statistics. It costs seven times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. Loyal customers are five times more profitable. Leading customer service companies outperform laggards by two times. Yet many institutions struggle to develop effective customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities—even when they already have the right tools for doing so. Consider:

  • Does your bank have a truly customer-centric culture?
  • Are you tracking all customer touchpoints to understand products and services used and not adopted?
  • How effective are your cross-selling efforts? How do you know?
  • Do you have a 360° customer view?

Be ready for the “next big sell”

If your bank wants to maximize the return on its nCino investment, West Monroe Partners can help. As both an nCino partner and a Salesforce Silver Certified Development Partner with deep product and industry experience, we have worked with many banks to build effective CRM capabilities on their loan origination platform without disruption.

nCino’s Bank Operating System is a powerful tool for driving increased profitability, productivity gains, regulatory compliance, and operating transparency at all organizational levels and across all lines of business. Built on the platform, it also can help banks gain more complete customer view and improve cross selling.

Business and technology
Our experienced team will work with you to develop more effective CRM capabilities—fast and efficiently.
  • Design—We document your enterprise requirements, create a detailed design, and develop implementation plans
  • Build—We configure the system, perform any custom development, set up custom and out-of-the-box sales reports, conduct demonstrations for user feedback, and create test plans
  • Data migration—We configure the migration tool and migrate data
  • System and user testing—We facilitate final testing, track and remediate issues, and pilot the solution
  • Train and deploy—We develop a training plan and materials, create communications, deploy the solution, and ensure that your organization has all the knowledge and support necessary for successful adoption

While technology enables valuable new capabilities, technology alone rarely produces optimal results. We combine platform experience with strategy, functional, business process, and change management expertise to ensure sustainable value.

Most importantly, we recognize that when it comes to CRM and banking, one size does not fit all. Leveraging our nCino and experience, West Monroe Partners helps you create a platform tailored to your operation—one that ensures your team recognizes and is ready for the “next big sell.”

That’s an uncommon blend of banking knowledge and technical skill.