Improve your Banking Operations—Staff your Bank with the Right Resources at the Right Times in the Right Places
West Monroe Partners leverages a proprietary workforce optimization methodology called FUSION to deliver measurable and sustainable savings and operational improvement for banks.

Imagine being able to staff your banking centers with the right resources at all times without paying a minute of overtime. Imagine your customers complimenting the accuracy, speed and precision of your staff—every time.  Imagine being able to demonstrate thousands of hard dollar savings to your senior management. West Monroe Partners can help you make this happen—with Fusion for Banking.

What is FUSION?

Fusion is an overall workforce optimization methodology developed by West Monroe Partners. When applied to banking centers, Fusion can dramatically improve your operations. Fusion for Banking includes a suite of offerings and tools that help clients establish new scheduling Strategies, gain Intelligence into existing operations, evaluate improvement opportunities and implement solutions that Optimize their workforce and operations.  We focus on quantifiable business value delivery, backed by data gathered in our clients’ environments, to deliver measurable savings and operational improvement.

We have hands-on experience in all banking center operations

West Monroe Partners succeeds where others have failed.  That’s because our experts have done many of the jobs we will help you improve.  We have hands on experience with account and loan onboarding. We have worked with clients to improve their branches and call centers. From teller transactions through back-office operations, West Monroe Partners has proven approaches to deliver sustainable improvements in performance for your operations and workforce. We rely on our deep industry knowledge and industrial engineering expertise to study your operations, model your process, and help you achieve improvements in service, cost and quality.


We seek to understand the challenges you face in your banking environment and establish achievable strategies that will solve your issues, improve processes and increase the performance of your workforce and operations.  Specifically, this includes:

  • Analyze process flow, volume, and demand arrival patterns
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current operations
  • Discuss potential labor configuration strategies


We help you gain visibility into the true performance of your operations and workforce, simulate improvement options, and validate the true impact of technology, equipment and automation on your operations and workforce. Based on our analysis during the strategy phase, we will help: 

  • Establish realistic and sustainable productivity targets
    Forecast seasonal, daily, and intra-day demand patterns
  • Perform what-if analyses for changes in volume, service levels, arrival patterns, process flows, and productivity—enabling you to adapt quickly to a dynamic environment


We optimize your operations and workforce performance utilizing data gathered from your operations combined with our optimization approach that applies concepts from both Lean and Six Sigma along with our industry experience to deliver measurable and sustainable process and productivity improvements.  We help you: 

  • Train your staff on a set of repeatable processes that your institution can manage and sustain going forward
  • Create optimal staff schedules in 15-minute increments—aligning workforce capacity to customer demand
  • Improve budgeting and forecast planning
  • Deploy a web-based application customized and configured to your site and specific operational transactions

A thoughtful foundation with a customized approach

Regardless of where your workforce and operations land on the performance spectrum, our experts can help you design a tailored solution to meet your needs. We partner with clients to take their banking operations to the next level.