Achieve 100-percent productivity from 100-percent of your workforce
We help clients optimize their workforces and processes—from engineering through execution.

Is your workforce optimization strategy working for you?
Growing shortages in skilled labor coupled with increased customer demands mean that companies today need to do more with the same, the same with less, and sometimes more with less. Consider:

  • What is your workforce’s current level of productivity?
  • How much do you spend on labor today?
  • What is the rate of employee turnover?
  • What is labor as a percentage of sales?
  • How do you measure whether you are staffing your operations correctly to meet customer demand?
  • How consistent is your execution?

The right blend of expertise
With a breadth of industry and workforce optimization experience and a proven workforce optimization value cycle, we help clients achieve tangible, sustainable productivity improvement. Our team provides an uncommon blend of:

  • Specialists with the right business and people skills to guide you from engineering through execution to turn technical design into real business value
  • Deep technical experts in the engineering that supports productivity enhancement and workforce optimization

Improvement tailored to your company’s operations and goals
To help you establish a productive and high-performing workforce, we start with a strong understanding of your business goals.

Then we observe your people and processes at work in your environment and look at your data and technology. From there, we blend the science of engineering and the art of people into a new workforce operating model that maximizes productivity and, more importantly, is sustainable. Our experienced consultants will help you:

  • Establish process flows, work methods, and visual aids so employees know how to do the job most effectively
  • Implement engineered labor standards that maximize efficiency and employee safety—and establish clear expectations
  • Match the right talent with the right processes and tools to deliver on growing customer expectations
  • Prepare managers to solve problems, coach workers, and manage performance

Significantly, we also help your team learn and own the workforce optimization value cycle so that you can sustain the improvements—and continue to see benefits year after year.

Experienced guidance across the workforce optimization value cycle
Our complete range of workforce optimization solutions includes:

  • Environment—risk mitigation, 5-S implementation, safety and equipment audits, and ergonomics
  • Work—methods, processes, engineered labor standards, capacity planning, line balancing, and LEAN
  • Technology support—system selection, development and implementation of labor management tools
  • Front-line effectiveness—appropriate staffing, training, analysis, development, and customer experience blueprints
  • Execution management—implementation of methods, standards, performance management, and metrics across sites
  • Continuous improvement—set-up, enhancement, or outsourcing of continuous improvement efforts

Productivity gains, and more
On average, our workforce optimization clients improve productivity by 25 percent and realize other valuable business benefits­—for example:

Retailers have:

  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased sales
  • Reduced inventory and shrink

Distributors have:

  • Improved quality through training and standardized processes
  • Improved employee satisfaction through fair and reasonable expectations
  • Established positive, goal-oriented cultures

Manufacturers have:

  • Reduced production response time
  • Reduced cost of quality and inventory
  • Reduced WIP inventory
  • Improved space utilization
  • Engineered for success

Today’s leaders are taking the steps necessary to achieve 100-percent productivity from 100-percent of their workforce. If you are ready to join them, we can help you establish capabilities that enable you to:

  • Look ahead, not back
  • Deliver results quickly, and sustain them
  • Make effective management decisions supported by the appropriate level of engineering and accuracy 
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