“Our water professionals are influencing society’s relationship with water”
Water is a precious resource, and it should be managed as such. Measurement, discipline and accountability must be integrated into any water management scheme.
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A global concern with local solutions
It is easy to be overwhelmed with the news regarding the issues of global water scarcity and the impact changes in climate are having on our hydrology. Yet, we must be reminded that the problem is not water – but the management of the water. How we value it, how we treat it and how we allocate it.

Advancing the management of water
These concerns call for a paradigm shift in which water allocated to cities is managed by modern technology such as (1) infrastructure that allows customers to access their use information and utilities the ability to rapidly detect leaks (2) green technology that reduces toxic substances and increases treatment capacity, and (3) monitors the ecological sources of freshwater so that the resource can be sustained.

Our approach includes the following principles:

Understand the context

Water is managed for many purposes, under many different conditions. The right solutions must be evaluated on the environmental, social, and financial context.

Bring a holistive perspective

Water influences all aspects of society. Therefore, a holistic perspective must be represented in the management access and use of water.

Apply a sustainable business philosophy
Water is a precious resource, it should be managed as such. Measurement, discipline and accountability must be integrated into any water management scheme.

Design a complete solution

Water solutions, should be crafted in a clear and logical form; with a focus on the future that is undistracted by unimportant opportunities.

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