Our professionals help water utilities deploy new technology, improve customer service, and operate more efficiently.

Helping water utilities modernize 

Water utilities operate in a fragmented market, and the high volume of small, regional water providers results in higher rates, dated technology, and inconsistent delivery of customer service. Water utilities face increasing pressure from city councils and regulators to operate efficiently, deploy customer-centric and secure technology systems, and deliver better customer service.

West Monroe helps water utilities respond to changing regulations, business evolution, and growing customer expectations. We work across the entire utility – from defining strategy, to setting and reading meters, to billing customers, and delivering excellent customer service.

Our focus areas include: 

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

The traditional method of reading meters and billing customers is antiquated. Across the industry, many water utilities are looking to AMI, which improves billing and provides hourly water consumption data to the utility and to customers.

The primary driver for AMI program implementation is oftentimes to replace failing automated meter reading (AMR) system battery failure, or to enable advanced customer service features like leak alerts, and detailed usage to support conservation.

West Monroe has extensive experience in water AMI programs – defining the initial strategy, developing detailed implementation plans, selecting technology and vendors, and managing multi-year deployments. 

Customer Service & High Bill Assessments 

High bill complaints and customer service oversights regularly get media attention across the country. Oftentimes there are multiple causes of these issues – meter reading inaccuracy, incorrect system configurations, limited data visibility, increasing rates, poor call center service, among other reasons.

West Monroe works across the entire utility – setting meters, reading meters, generating bills, posting payments, and delivering customer service – to identify the root cause of customer service/high bill challenges, and determine how to mitigate these problems in the future. 

Technology Roadmaps 

Water utilities oftentimes operate on dated technology with minimal integrations. This increases the risk of outages, results in inefficient and paper-based processes, and gives the utility minimal visibility to data and reports. 

West Monroe performs comprehensive technology assessments and roadmaps to evaluate the following:

  • Does your technology platform meet today’s needs? Will it scale to meet your needs in 10 years?
  • What security vulnerabilities exist?
  • What short, medium, and long-term projects need to be completed to address security concerns, help your utility run efficiently, and deliver excellent customer service? 

Management Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators 

Paper-based processes and legacy technology make it difficult to compile data into a useable format. Many water utilities are unaware what metrics they should be tracking, and where/how data can be accessed. Management dashboards can provide an early warning to utility leadership: 

  • How will increases and decreases in water consumption impact cash flow?
  • How many bills are being repeatedly estimated and why?
  • Are customer appointments being completed on time?
  • What is our backlog of service orders?

West Monroe helps water utilities understand what metrics should be tracked, identify and integrate data sources, set performance targets, and manage operations using real-time data. 

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