Banks compete and thrive on relationships. Increasingly, a robust suite of treasury management products is essential to success.
Financial Institutions are focused on optimizing their Treasury Management operating models, a critical line of business, in order to deliver best-of-breed cash management products and services. Consider:
  • Is your bank diversifying revenue effectively in a challenging interest rate environment?
  • Are you using treasury management products as a competitive advantage?
  • Are you cross-selling treasury management products effectively to serve the entire commercial relationship?
  • Is your bank positioned competitively in its target markets?
  • Do product implementations differentiate customer experience and accelerate revenue?
  • Does your commercial online banking presence offer the right tools and features for success?

Don’t overlook opportunities

Commercial customers of all sizes expect and need treasury management solutions to operate efficiently and profitably. Many banks, however, overlook opportunities to use such products to capture additional non-interest income and increase customer loyalty.

With broad banking and treasury management expertise, we can help assess, design, and implement solutions that improve performance.

Targeted opportunities in four areas

Treasury Management Insight combines data analysis, on-site discovery, and assessment to provide recommendations for improving financial and operational performance in four areas:

  • Operating model strategy - establish a leading operating model to align goals, processes, technologies, and, responsibilities with strategic objectives
  • Sales and revenue - develop, track, and, manage profitable treasury management relationships
  • Product management - understand competitive product and pricing to improve current product penetration in the commercial portfolio
  • Service delivery - optimize existing technology and identify new technologies and processes that can improve efficiency and establish treasury operations as a source of competitive advantage

Focused analysis and prioritized opportunities

Banks large and small can benefit from refining their treasury management operations. For example, our clients have realized profitable growth and market share gains, as well as measurable improvements to internal operations and customer service.

Is treasury management contributing to your bottom line and client service? Our assessment evaluates the key aspects of a successful line of business and defines priorities for improving performance and competitive advantage.
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