Understand, manage and track your TPM program to improve efficiency and profitability
The West Monroe team has more than 30 years of experience with trade promotion management strategy and implementation for consumer goods organizations.
Consumer goods manufacturers are acutely aware of the need to attract and retain loyal customers for their products - and invest considerably to do so. However, while many are skilled at marketing campaigns directed at consumers, few understand how to effectively target wholesalers and retailers. Consider:
  • Are you aware of under or overspend trade promotion budgets?
  • Do you know when a promotion is successful or unsuccessful?
  • Are your deduction days outstanding greater than 30 days?
  • Do you have an accurate depiction of customer level profitability?
  • Do you incorporate real time sales estimated volume into your forecasting ERP system?

Our solutions

Our TPM solutions focus on the following key areas:
  • Strategy: We work with clients to understand their brand and most profitable items, conduct a competitive blue print analysis and then develop a strategy accordingly. 
  • Corporate planning: We help clients develop an accurate annual operating plan leveraging data from legacy systems and then manage it on an ongoing basis by monitoring sales spending forecasts, market conditions and KPIs.
  • Account planning: We create promoted and non-promoted volume forecasts and develop promotions and tactics to support them. We also implement system enhancements to enforce trade spend standard operating procedures. 
  • Execution: We analyze volume and spending forecasts and modify them based on actual results and create automated system notifications when account forecasts are under or over projections.
  • Settlements: We match deductions to trade promotion account level tactics to monitor inaccurate claims and reallocate budgets based on actual settlements in under or over performing accounts. 
  • Analysis: We deploy a trade promotion optimization program to determine the effectiveness of promotions and create a “Center of Excellence” for trade promotion execution accessible to all relevant roles.


Companies with an effective TPM strategy see 80% better gross margins and 121% better revenue uplift and most companies see a positive ROI within the first year after implementation. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in trade promotion management and other services designed exclusively for the consumer packaged goods industry. We partner with clients to define the right TPM strategy and then implement the right applications to allow you to monitor your program on an ongoing basis. 

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