We help companies take a proactive stance toward productivity improvement, before market forces require them to do so. The result is a meaningful impact on the bottom line—possibly within weeks.

The Challenge

Understanding where to start

While we can’t predict the economy, history tells us that growth will slow sooner or later. When downturns occur, executives typically turn their attention to operations. In a recent West Monroe survey, 70 percent of executives said that if a recession were to hit tomorrow, they will refocus on operational efficiency. Many will encounter challenges on the road to doing so:

  • Finding areas most ripe for improvement 
  • Trying to do too much, too quickly
  • Addressing symptoms rather than root causes of low productivity

Do you know how to begin and where to target?

The Solution

Diagnose, deliver, then sustain

Nearly every company has at least some opportunity to improve productivity. We understand how to get to the root of productivity issues and get your organization on the path to correcting them.

Our effective, three-phase approach to productivity improvement is built on our uncommon blend of industry, business consulting, and technology acumen—an approach designed to deliver on your unique productivity imperative.

productivity infographic

Our approach focuses on achieving real,  bottom-line results within 60-90 days of diagnosis, while building a foundation for sustainable transformation.


We use proven measurement, benchmarking, rapid data analysis, and other techniques to quickly identify productivity issues. From this insight, we help you identify and prioritize opportunities specific to your business and value drivers.


We work with you to deliver on identified opportunities through targeted initiatives to:

  • Optimize processes 
  • Redesign work 
  • Automate through robotic process automation
  • Develop key capabilities 
  • Pilot and practice "new ways of working"
  • Measure and track progress 

Enable and sustain impact. 

Here, we focus on areas such as improving manager effectiveness, measuring and managing employee engagement, aligning your organization structure and accountabilities, and delivering new technology that can help optimize and sustain productivity.

The Impact 

Bottom-line impact in as few as 60 to 90 days

With an approach that targets and takes action on the right productivity opportunities, we help you boost the bottom line by:

  • Lowering costs
  • Increasing workforce capacity
  • Improving customer service ratings, satisfaction, and loyalty
  • Engaging employees and lowering turnover
  • Reducing waste, rework, and cycle time
  • Operating with greater reliability

More importantly, we can help you accelerate the impact—with benefits that can begin in as few as 60 to 90 days of diagnosis.

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