Identify the Improvements that Enable your Business to Operate at its Best
West Monroe Partners assesses the IT systems that drive your most critical business processes—and then identifies ways to share data better among systems, automate manual processes, and/or consolidate data from multiple sources to improve those processes.
The linkage between business processes and the technology that supports them is crucial to your business. The efficiency and effectiveness of those linkages can open more possibilities for your company— or more liabilities. Consider:
  • Do your client service, accounting, or other key professionals use multiple systems to complete their jobs on a daily basis?
  • Do you have multiple Excel-based “shadow systems” to support workarounds external to your systems?
  • Do data or process silos exist in your organization and require duplicate entry of the same data in multiple systems?
  • Are your customers asking for more data transparency, yet you cannot meet their needs?
  • Have you recently been through a merger or acquisition and find yourself still using multiple systems to support the new business?

Get more from your systems and data

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may need to use your systems more effectively. The timely availability of information is critical to efficient operations and effective decision making. Having the right systems, integrated in the right way, delivers powerful business benefits—better customer service, more effective employees, greater efficiency, and reduced risk, to name a few.

Your organization has a unique set of business process needs, constraints, and capabilities. If you want to make sure that your systems are operating and connected in a way that enables your business to operate at its best, we can help.

Your opportunities for improvement

West Monroe Partners combines strong business process skills with enterprise technology integration experience to offer a practical systems effectiveness assessment—a fast, effective means of identifying improvements that can make your employees more productive or your processes more effective. We start by understanding the process(es) you want to improve and then analyze the systems that currently support those processes—producing:

  • A current process/system blueprint
  • A technical assessment of current capabilities for sharing data across your enterprise
  • Future-state IT enterprise architecture that identifies how to share data better across systems, automate manual processes, and/or drive improvements by consolidating data from multiple sources
  • A practical road map for implementing the recommended changes

If desired, our implementation teams can then help you address any gaps found during the assessment. Our systems effectiveness assessments can drive real results; for example:

  • Eliminating 150 manually managed Excel spreadsheets by building integrations between systems
  • Reducing the amount of time to generate a price quote from 3 weeks to under 24 hours

The right place to start

Could more effective systems and better data connectivity improve your organization’s opportunities for growth and competitive advantage? A good place to start is a systems effectiveness assessment from West Monroe Partners.

That’s business in the right direction.

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