Aligning Sustainability with Tangible Financial Results
West Monroe Partners’ Sustainability Value Framework uniquely promotes your company’s enterprise value through adoption of favorable sustainable behaviors and practices.

An emerging challenge for company executives is how to successfully align social and environmental ambitions with bottom-line financial results. Most executives would agree that a sustainability focus is becoming more important to a company’s financial success; however, because sustainability most significantly impacts indirect financial factors, such as corporate behavior, practices, policies, and risks, many companies struggle to quantify and strategically drive the financial value of sustainability.

The following are things you should consider:

  • Do you find it difficult to quantify and communicate the value of your sustainability initiatives?
  • Are you feeling increased pressure from stakeholders to synergize sustainability ambitions with financial objectives?
  • Do you know which sustainability opportunities stand to create material financial value?

A new framework for sustainability

If you want to understand the hard dollar impact of your sustainability investments, West Monroe Partners can help. Our multidisciplinary team brings together the expertise of three leading firms to provide a rigorous, financially grounded framework for implementing sustainability. Through our alliance with CharterMast Partners and Ativo Research, we offer unique capabilities for:

  • Understanding sustainability implications for your business
  • Holistically quantifying value impacts
  • Creating value through targeted initiatives

From assessment to action-ready roadmap

Combining West Monroe’s business and sustainability expertise with a one-of-a-kind financial modeling approach, we are able to measure the enterprise value impact of sustainability initiatives and recommend actions that have a material positive financial impact for your company. This is how we do it.

First, we understand your business and market conditions to advise what sustainability actions will provide direct benefit in the way of revenue, cost efficiencies, profits, and overall improved financial valuation.

Then, we leverage a one-of-a-kind modeling process that combines more than 120 sustainability factors from 2,800 firms to determine which sustainability behaviors, practices, policies, and risks have material financial valuation impacts.

Finally, we recommend a prioritized set of sustainability initiatives and develop an implementation roadmap that drives enterprise value. We also can assist with project leadership, initiative execution, and investor communications.