Transform the Way your Company and Customers use Energy
“Smart energy” is an emerging priority for a variety of organizations seeking to address escalating energy costs by equipping users to understand and manage consumption. We help clients realize an array of benefits, such as: significant reduction in energy costs, increased return on energy project investments, improved control over energy consumption, and competitive market positioning.

Americans spend over a trillion dollars each year on their energy needs. As the cost and demand for fuel continues to climb, consumers and corporations, alike, are looking for solutions that enable them to make better-informed decisions about energy use.

Advance your energy goals

If you want to transform the way your organization or your customers consume energy, we can help. We combine deep energy industry experience with a holistic, multi-disciplinary perspective to help you develop a tailored Smart Energy Platform—an effective approach for guiding solutions that range from new design and construction to retrofit and enhancement of existing facilities and neighborhoods.

Our Smart Energy Platform integrates new systems, strategies, and applications to help your organization build aneffective smart-energy strategy and transform energy consumption in three incremental steps (depicted below).
A new perspective on smart energy

Our smart energy services facilitate creation of effective new programs and strategies that enable:

  • Community developers and planners to attract energy-conscious residents and businesses
  • Large commercial, industrial, and institutional energy users to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and optimize resource allocation to their energy improvement initiatives
  • Utilities, municipalities, and community alliances to develop optimal policies, build strong partnerships, and generate the support of key stakeholders