Model the potential impact of new improvements. Invest in change with confidence.
Simulation allows you to test the feasibility of major changes before making big investments to implement them.

Change is inevitable in today’s business world—but the path to success isn’t always clear, and choosing the wrong direction can be costly. Consider:

  • Do you have a big idea that could revolutionize your business, but it is too risky to test in a “real-world” environment?
  • Do you want to improve system performance but are not sure which possible actions will have the greatest impact—or any impact at all?
  • Do you know there is an issue within your business but can’t identify the cause of that issue?
  • Are you looking to generate new process improvement opportunities?

Model change, without the significant cost or time commitment
Simulation—an engineering tool that allows modeling of real-world processes at a fraction of the cost or time required for actual implementation—can help you:

  • Test big-ticket ideas “safely” and efficiently
  • Identify efficiencies and cost savings within a process
  • Manage resource capacity for complex systems on a daily basis

Combining simulation expertise, a proven approach for simulation development, up-to-date software knowledge, and deep experience in your industry, West Monroe Partners can help you advance your business goals.

A comprehensive simulation solution
We specialize in working with clients in retail, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, banking and energy and utilities to support effective planning and decision making with simulation.

Employing a proven simulation approach, we work with you to:

  • Define simulation goals, objectives and desired outcomes
  • Develop the simulation model design
  • Collect data and program the model
  • Establish and validate the process baseline
  • Introduce and test improvement scenarios compared to the baseline
  • Analyze potential improvements and quantify their overall impact
  • Recommended process changes based on our analysis
  • Build a business case to justify investment

Insight that enables decision making
Greater productivity. Cost savings. Differentiated customer service. What could your business accomplish by improving key processes—or taking even bolder steps to drive success?

Our comprehensive simulation solution and tool kit can help you model the impact of change—and provide the insight that enables you to invest in change with confidence.

That’s business in the right direction.