Understand your cyber risks. Secure your systems and data. Preserve and protect your business.

Are you keeping pace with change?

Security is one of the most complex areas of the information technology landscape—and a critical concern for companies in every industry.

  • How well do you understand the threat landscape and your vulnerabilities?
  • Do you have adequate security tools and processes in place?
  • Does your IT team have sufficient resources to keep up with rapidly evolving security considerations?
  • Do you have a way of collecting and using the onslaught of security data from disparate sources

Most organizations simply don’t have the internal resources and skills to mount an effective defense.

A different approach 

Many managed services providers just oversee established security tools. We help you manage your threat landscape. That’s a big difference in approach that can make a big difference in your operations.

West Monroe Managed Services is dedicated to running your systems and processes with high quality and efficiency— to keep your operations and data secure. Our unique blend of technical and business expertise makes us an ideal partner for security functions that demand flawless execution:

  • Strong understanding of your business environment and key threats to your operations
  • Exceptional infrastructure development and management
  • Up-to-the-minute threat intelligence and tools

We don't just manage your security tools. We manage your threat landscape. 

We provide comprehensive security governance designed to protect your business from cyber threats that are growing in both frequency and sophistication.

We offer strong, well- integrated capabilities in four areas:

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO). One of our Managed Services security experts can serve as your virtual chief information security officer (CISO), providing cost-effective risk management leadership along with current, industry-leading knowledge and experience. 

Security Operations Management. Operations management delivers day-today support and maintenance tasks required to operate your security infrastructure. This includes areas such as monitoring, asset and configuration management, patching and release management, and reporting.

Security Monitoring with Threat Intelligence. We simplify IT security and compliance management by delivering an integrated Security-as- a-Service solution that covers areas such as intrusion detection and log management, vulnerability scanning, event correlation and analysis, and 24/7 monitoring and escalation.

Incident Response and Recovery Services. Our security experts provide incident response services that includes appropriate notifications, as well as containment, eradication, and recovery.

The right resources and expertise can help your organization avoid common security pitfalls and take a proactive stance against cyber threats.

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