Achieving customer centricity with nCino and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.
As customer expectations continue to shift, banks must ensure they are investing in the right technology to streamline processes and improve the customer experience.

For banks, two solutions are more productive than one

Many financial institutions are successfully leveraging nCino’s Loan Origination, Treasury, and Retail products to streamline complex, cumbersome, and heavily regulated processes. With many banks focused on cost reduction and improvement in their overall operational efficiency, the nCino solution allows firms to increase volumes while decreasing costs by simplifying and standardizing processes. Additionally, allowing both front and back offices to use the same integrated solution promotes collaboration between teams and increases overall transparency into the process, resulting in a highly informed employees who are better equipped to serve their customers.

nCino and Salesforce customer journey

However, as firms look to understand and improve their customer retention, expand their share of wallet, and grow their customer base, they must look to provide a seamless experience across the entire customer lifecycle.

Salesforce’s Financial Service Cloud (FSC) solution allows firms to maximize the value of the platform by expanding access to information and process efficiencies to all areas of the bank. FSC sits alongside nCino to provide bankers with expanded capabilities to manage their prospects, referrals, and sales interactions leading up to deal close, and enables branch and service team members with the tools to provide best in class service to their customers.

A truly connected, end-to-end solution for customer onboarding 

Salesforce FSC was developed to provide out of the box capabilities for financial institutions to manage their customers and accounts. This product was tailored to banking institutions and provides native capabilities to manage customers from referral to close and through the onboarding process, to servicing them as a customer. The common integration architecture of the platform also provides flexibility to integrate with a variety of core applications and data warehouses.

West Monroe Partners has helped many banks improve their customer engagement lifecycle by leveraging FSC and nCino. That experience has given us a practiced approach to how customers should implement these products, deep insight into how the combined application landscape works, points of view on overlapping and shared nomenclature and data model, and a roadmap of the key decisions that need to be made to undertake this journey. We can apply this approach at any maturity level, whether a bank already has one of these applications, or is starting from the beginning. West Monroe’s unique blend of industry and customer experience expertise lends itself perfectly to helping banks understand their customer experience vision and build their strategy in a way that fits the bank’s priorities, immediate platform issues, and budget.

Realizing the value of two integrated solutions 

When nCino and FSC are working in tandem across one instance, banks can expect to reap many benefits, including:

  • Shared 360-degree view of the customer across the business
  • Full transparency into the entire customer journey
  • Seamless connection between Sales, Service, and Marketing
  • Identification of cross-sell Opportunities
  • Consistent customer experience across all channels
  • CRM capabilities
  • Acceleration in time to market and increased ROI
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