Let West Monroe Help You Make The Switch
Are you thinking about transitioning to Lightning? This is where Salesforce is heading, and while the classic will still work for many organizations, you may be missing out on key features and capabilities available in Lightning. We can help you determine if your Salesforce is ready for the switch.
Why make the move to Lightning?
New UI: This new modern user interface not only looks new, but it is more flexible, dynamic, and mobile-friendly than the original classic layout. Increase user productivity by decreasing toggle time between screens, allowing your team members to work more efficiently and speed up time to revenue with fewer clicks.
Lightning App Builder: Customize your Lightning pages with easy drag and drop configuration, including your Home Page! Choose from a list of reusable Lightning components that can be placed throughout your org. Lighting builder makes it easy to adjust and customize Lightning Components to fit you company’s needs, without the need for custom development.
Sales Path: Define the key stages that a Lead or Opportunity need to go through, and highlight the important fields per stage that a Sales Rep needs to complete. Sales Reps can now easily enter important information and move the deal through its stages to close faster.
Kanban View: This view shows up to four key fields on an opportunity and allows you to drag a record to the next stage, quickly creating tasks and events directly related to an opportunity without leaving the view. Stage amounts are recalculated in real time when an opportunity advances, allowing you to see most up to date pipeline information.
Enhanced Reports, Charts, and Dashboards: Reports have a new, modern design with enhanced functionality, and you can even add reports to List Views! With Lightning, dashboards are no longer restricted to 3 columns and will instantly refresh.
Salesforce Einstein: Einstein is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that helps companies better predict customer activities, including lead quality, best next steps, and process automation.
How can West Monroe help?
It is important to create the right migration strategy to properly make the switch to Lightning. West Monroe has extensive experience in each of the following key steps of migration:
Gap analysis: Review key features your company relies on that aren’t supported in Lightning to evaluate if Lightning is right for you.
Program and system stakeholder identification: Identify leaders and accountability to ensure expectations and priorities are met.
Lightning pilot creation: Not all users need to be migrated at once. West Monroe can help you
identify if it makes sense to start with a small group of users before moving everyone over.
Internal marketing strategy: We will assist you in developing an internal marketing strategy that generates excitement and will educate future users. This helps increase user adoption with the new experience.
Training plan creation: Ensure your users will fully leverage the new features you’ve worked to enable within the system.
Do you need help determining if a migration to Lightning is right for your business? Or would you like help migrating your Salesforce org to the Lighting experience? Our uncommon blend of business consultants and deep technologists can partner with you to help make your migration to Lightning a success.

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