Facing disruption head on with an uncommon blend of business insight and deep technology expertise.

The retail banking industry is experiencing the same disruption felt across financial services from new competitors, consolidation, newconsumer expectations, to fluctuating regulatory demands.

West Monroe’s retail banking solutions knows what it takes for banks to increase profitability through cost-effective delivery and a differentiated customer experience.

Retail banks are increasingly facing these issues head on through initiatives aimed at increasing and improving revenue creation, customer retention, employee satisfaction, workforce optimization, and multi-channel delivery.
  • How would your employees and customers define the organizations brand and how is that promise consistently demonstrated?
  • How would you describe the organizations alignment of controllable resources such as people, process, structure and technology to enable delivery of the offerings?
  • What are the critical imperatives that must be realized to achieve the organizations short term, mid-term and long range strategic plans?
  • What are the key enablers and obstacles to achieving the critical imperatives and how would they be prioritized? 

A physical and digital delivery model

West Monroe Partners Retail Banking practice specializes in physical and digital delivery model optimization. We follow a client-centric, highly collaborative approach that combines our deep banking experience, robust industry knowledge and proprietary data-driven methodology. This results in a fact-based foundation for making high quality decisions and an optimal environment for success.

Physical/Digital Network Optimization
Applying evolving customer preferences to our data-driven methodology and conducting rigorous, fact-based analyses in order to understand how to optimize customer experiences through the physical and digital channels.

Branch Distribution & Design
Using industry benchmarks and best practices data to rationalize the delivery strategy with distribution and market model designs to drive exceptional service and cost savings while improving revenue generation capabilities.

Sales Force Effectiveness
Identifying opportunities to improve the customer journey through enriched execution, coaching and leadership effectiveness models, and enablement tools including reporting metrics to drive measurable and sustainable performance improvement. 

Capacity & Staff Modeling
Leveraging West Monroe’s role-based activity time-standards along with industry benchmarking and best practices to augment, validate, support, and recalibrate workforce management staffing and scheduling models. 

Revenue Management
Building upon West Monroe’s customer-centric approach to rationalize product designs, pricing structures and fee leakage reductions that align with our clients’ short and long-term market strategies and revenue objectives.

Training Program Delivery 
Collaborating with West Monroe to design and deliver enterprise wide learning and development programs that bridge skills and knowledge gaps and includes content development, executing logistical plans, managing internal communications and measuring results.

Why West Monroe?
  • Our proven methodology results in high confidence related to the extrapolation of outcomes from our analysis across your branch franchise
  • Our data driven approach supports a transparent decision-making process for the identification of branch optimization opportunities and recommendations
  • Our collaborative approach utilizes a proven consensus driven framework that involves our clients and ensures buy-in and commitment
  • Our implementation know-how helps us create practical and implementable solutions where potential roadblocks and risks are identified and mitigated prior to implementation
  • Our Employee & Customer Change Management expertise recognizes the importance of behavior change management and collaboration

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