Apply Experience and Proven Methodologies to Guide Transformational Change
West Monroe Partners applies experience and proven approaches to help clients respond to a changing business landscape, accelerate the pace of change, and capture untapped areas of growth and value.

Confronting change with...change

Mergers or other types of transactions. New competitors. Regulatory changes. Shifting customer demands and preferences. Globalization. If your organization is facing or involved in significant operational transformation that will change your “business as usual,” West Monroe Partners can help.

Nothing is “off limits”

Guiding a complex business through a fundamental change in the way it operates requires a much different approach and perspective than that used for more focused—and traditional—projects and initiatives. We have developed a successful, proven business transformation approach—one supported by a holistic program framework that encourages the level of innovation necessary to produce the impact and outcomes your organization envisions.

We understand and apply the keys to successful change

Through our work with companies across many industries, we have identified several key characteristics of successful business transformation:

  • Fundamentally shifts “business as usual”
  • Seeks to define the future business model
  • Removes “chains” of current processes
  • Takes a systematic view of problem solving
  • Applies a holistic approach and viewpoint
  • Promotes innovation

We embed these characteristics in our approach to help your organization realize its potential for transformation.
This means that nothing is “off limits”—brainstorming and innovative thinking not only are encouraged; they are embraced. Our approach also includes careful attention to collaboration and to unifying your many business stakeholders and involving them in development of future business requirements to ensure a perspective that is as broad as possible. Finally, we will help ensure that your vision and plans adequately consider and address both the upstream and downstream impacts of change.

The moment of truth

  • Is your organization experiencing any of these warning signs?
  • A tendency to bandage issues rather than fix the root cause
  • Declining customer satisfaction
  • Lack of a clear strategy and compelling differentiators
  • New government regulations
  • Increased delivery costs
  • Dramatic marketplace shifts
  • Exponential growth, organically or through transaction(s)

We support you from strategy through solution

Given the complexity of change, it is easy for transformative programs or projects to stray from their objectives and intended direction. Our proven approach breaks the process into manageable and logical phases that keep your effort on course and on schedule:

  • Strategy & Solution—understand business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; create a strategic vision and objectives; and define the programs required to achieve the project
  • Reinvent & Redesign—align business processes with the strategic vision and initiate efforts to turn “concepts” into “reality”
  • Construct & Validate—develop and validate process and system requirements and assess organizational readiness
  • Deploy & Optimize—plan for deployment of changes; provide training and support; execute the change plan; monitor performance; and enhance the solution as appropriate to achieve goals and the strategic vision

Make th leap

Combining extensive business transformation experience with deep industry knowledge, West Monroe Partners can help you reinvent operations and create your “new business as usual”— taking the steps necessary to succeed.