Don’t let data integration challenges slow your path to better business insight.

Our Rapid Analytics Platform uses document database functionality to integrate new data source systems efficiently with your existing data warehouse or analytical data platform.


Simpler, easier, faster

Today’s businesses run on a continuously growing number of data sources. Each time an organization integrates a new source system with its data warehouse or analytical data platform, it requires new custom landing and staging tables and ETL packages—and that can exponentially increase code complexity and associated development time and cost. In fact, adding a single column to a data warehouse can take between eight weeks and six months, with data integration costs starting at $500,000.

There is an easier and more cost-effective approach.

Bridging the gap between rigid products and customized solutions

If you are looking for a faster and more efficient way to integrate new data sources with your data warehouse or analytical data platform, talk to West Monroe Partners. Blending strong business and technical acumen, including deep advanced analytics experience, we create solutions for today’s sophisticated data warehousing, reporting, and analytics platforms.

One of those solutions is our Rapid Analytics Platform (RAP)— an innovative capability that bridges the gap between rigid product solutions and costly one-time custom-integration solutions. 

Accelerate integration of new data sources

The RAP uses document database functionality for agile data processing while maintaining governance and traceability. In short, it shrinks code complexity from hundreds of components to a manageable number of standardized shared packages to enable faster configuration. Each queue executes multiple packages in parallel, providing full utilization of available server resources and maximizing throughput.

The result is a simpler, easier, and faster way to integrate new data sources.

Full-featured and flexible

Robust product features include data refresh, change data capture (CDC), data governance, monitoring and management, and validation capabilities. For example:

  • The validation engine enforces common rules, which are parameterize for each source or attribute.
  • The validation queue executes data quality tests as configured for each source, updating the status of each record and logging issues.
  • The fully configurable data validation engine prevents bad data from trickling into reports.
  • Reusable, shared, configurable packages handle common data sources (e.g., flat file, Excel, EDI).
  • The platform provides full traceability and lineage of each data record from source to reporting tables.
  • A built-in standardized change data capture (CDC) mechanism eliminates duplication.
  • Each of the three layers (staging, processing, and reporting) can be scaled to support increased data volumes.
Through the platform’s dashboard, users can:
  • See real-time status, data volume, and performance for each queue and for individual packages
  • View status and processing details for each landing by data source
  • Drill into details for each landing
And the platform works with an array of technologies—including common file storage solutions, database platforms, data processing solutions (major ETL vendors and custom scripting), and reporting packages— making it highly adaptable and customizable to your existing environment.

A faster path to enhanced insight

Reducing complexity translates into improved reporting and analytics— and that means faster query performance and less manual effort required to gain insight from your data.

  • A configurable, metadata-driven loading process simplifies transfer of data into reporting tables
  • A flat reporting table structure using in-memory columnstore index simplifies navigation and enhances performance
  • Automated loading code generation reduces the development timeline and cost
  • Enhancements such as adding a column require simple configuration with no code change

Rapid application, rapid value

Altogether, these features add up to valuable advantages over rigid product solutions and costly customized solutions:

  • 50 percent or more reduction in complexity, development, and maintenance cost and effort
  • No license fees
  • Ability to configure new data source integrations in minutes
Best of all, we can help you establish the Rapid Analytics Platform within a matter of weeks and equip your team to deliver the benefits going forward. That’s business in the right direction.
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