Embracing chaos to drive value, collaboration, and tangible benefits.
We are part of your executive team —a partner in solving complex challenges and in driving value through a culture of commitment to success and active communication and collaboration. In other words, we get our hands dirty.

Navigating change while maintaining reliable service 

Evolving customer expectations, disruptive technology, heightened focus on resource preservation, and a shifting regulatory environment have all had a significant impact on the utility operating model. Adapting and thriving in these changing times means modernizing your field and back-office technology infrastructure while continuing to deliver safe, affordable, and reliable service to all customers.

  • Does your organization have experience in managing complex, cross-functional, multiyear programs?
  • Do you have a sound framework for addressing risk, managing regulatory obligations, or handling inadequate assumptions?
  • Do your people have the right skills and sufficient time to manage deployment?
  • Do you have a sound framework for addressing risk, managing regulatory obligations, or handling inadequate assumptions?
  • Do your people have the right skills and sufficient time to manage deployment?

Proven program management methods 

Complex grid modernization requires a program management (PMO) approach that not only directs scope, schedule, and budget but also drives required benefits for a utility and its customers, structure, communication, collaboration, and controls that are key to navigating today’s challenges. 

With extensive grid-modernization experience, West Monroe Partners can supply the specialized methods and skills required to properly plan, manage, and execute highly visible and expensive programs to align benefit realization with internal and external stakeholders. 

Based on our extensive grid-modernization experience, we have built PMO capabilities that incorporate well-honed tools, templates, and knowledge to guide efficient completion of large-scale programs while achieving—and often exceeding—expected benefits.

Tailored to complex grid modernization

Our PMO methodology incorporates 11 key highly interdependent components of complex transformation:

  1. Schedule & project integration, including planning for and coordinating key points of integration and dependency 
  2. Scope & change control, including processes for handling changes in timing and delivery
  3. Knowledge management, including customized reporting dashboards for capturing and communicating updates
  4. Budget, including transparent reporting tools and proactive contingency management procedures
  5. Quality & safety, including processes for adhering to safety standards during infrastructure change
  6. Resources, including retention of key personnel to mitigate “key man risk”
  7. Stakeholder & communications, including processes for informing, engaging, and aligning all stakeholders
  8. Risks & issues, including approaches for identifying, prioritizing, and managing risks and issues
  9. Vendors, including processes for holding diverse contractors accountable for their commitments
  10. Benefit realization, including processes for adhering to agreed baseline targets and tracking progress toward goals
  11. Project support & control, including processes for ensuring work-stream teams “speak the same language” and use consistent and effective tools and standardized methods

Realize value, faster 

West Monroe’s tailored grid modernization management framework keeps vital initiatives on track and your utility focused on delivering the value you expect from these long, multi-year investments.

From our experience deploying grid modernization initiatives for the nation’s largest utilities, we have gained a unique understanding of the effort required—insight that enable us to help you budget and plan with confidence. Moreover, our experience, tools, and proven techniques allow us to “hit the ground running” and to identify and mitigate the array of risks—ranging from lack of stakeholder alignment to quality and safety issues to retention of key personnel—that, if not managed properly, can slow progress and erode potential benefits.

The bottom line: We don’t just help you realize value; we can help you realize it faster. In some cases, we have helped utilities accelerate their grid-modernization deployment schedules by years.

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