From today’s operations to future opportunities
Are you looking to accomplish:
  • More with the same labor?
  • Or, the same with less labor?

We can help!
West Monroe Partners is a leader in helping strategic and financial investors conduct and utilize due diligence to finalize deals.

Workforce optimization for distribution-intensive operations
We incorporate our Workforce Optimization team’s deep experience in distribution center workforce standards and processes—experience gained working with many leading global distribution organizations. For example, we have helped:
  • A global distributor improve productivity of loading by 24%, forklift operations by 16%, and order selection by 13%
  • A logistics provider improve productivity by 10%
  • A manufacturer improve distribution operations productivity by 24%

We combine these capabilities to offer a unique skill set and value.

Realize the benefits
Our productivity diligence analyzes key metrics related to utilization, methods, and performance—and can include any of the following:
  • Labor structure—Address significant labor health and safety issues.
  • Productivity—Identify areas of growth and/or potential cost reduction
  • Investment thesis—Confirm strategic goals align with target’s capabilities
  • Future state readiness—Understand potential challenges to change your operations based on recommendations
  • Quality—Identify key cost drivers, develop strategies, and understand alignment with industry benchmarks

Don't overlook a big opportunity
A productivity diligence can help you:

  • Improve productivity by 15-20%
  • Reduce labor costs by 10-30%

With labor costs consisting of 30-60% of overall operating costs, maximizing efficiency is critical to future success.