A road map for improving much more than efficiency
We analyze your current operating model and key business processes and then produce practical process-improvement recommendations aligned with your strategy and goals.

With a host of factors—from customer preferences to technology to the competitive landscape—continuously changing, even the best-running enterprises can benefit from reviewing process effectiveness regularly. Consider:

  • Are multiple iterations required to kick off a new program or approve a business decision?
  • Is your operational effectiveness limited by the number of people and/or steps required to execute key processes?
  • Do you understand how key operational processes contribute to SG&A costs?
  • Have you made a recent acquisition or other strategic business change?

Deep process improvement and transformation expertise

If growth or other changes in your operations are challenging your ability to achieve objectives, West Monroe Partners can help. We combine extensive industry expertise with experience that includes:

  • More than 400 IT and operational due diligence projects involving a vast array of business processes and systems
  • Dozens of process optimization projects, as well as many lean and six sigma process reviews
  • Complex enterprise process transformation

Combining insight with experience
We work with your key process owners to assess and evaluate your current-state operating model through process mapping and operational observation workshops. Then, we combine this insight with our experience across many different types of process improvement projects to deliver:

  • A list of potential process improvement projects
  • A quantified analysis of business benefits
  • A documented strategy for implementing your organization’s future operating model

More than just greater efficiency

A process effectiveness review from West Monroe Partners provides a road map for improving much more than process efficiency; it can help your organization:

  • Eliminate manual activities and shift resources to higher-value tasks
  • Integrate systems and processes better
  • Make faster, better business decisions
  • Improve process transparency
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Remove key constraints to achieving business objectives
  • Build competitive advantage through the use of leading practices

That’s business in the right direction.