Helping Clients Overcome Complex Issues Involved with Merging Two Organizations
West Monroe Partners can help you move beyond the complex issues involved with merging two organizations’ data, systems, and infrastructures by establishing a practical, efficient integration plan, creating standardized operating processes, and tracking progress toward your end goal. 

Mergers or acquisitions can be a fast route to growth, expansion, and better competitive positioning. But, the expected synergies, including greater cost efficiencies, often fail to live up to expectations. Many things can derail the consolidation of entities. One of the most common is difficulty integrating the organizations’ data and systems while maintaining a “business-as-usual” environment.

If you have recently acquired a new company or you are going through an acquisition have you considered the following:

  • Are you in the process of merging with another organization?
  • Do you have a plan for combining systems and processes, and are you able to follow it?
  • Is combining systems and processes taking valuable attention away from your primary operations?
  • Is the process producing more surprises than benefits?

Moving beyond a merger

Moving beyond the complex issues involved with merging two organizations’ data, systems, and infrastructures requires a well-designed plan. West Monroe Partners can help. We have worked with many organizations to realize significant efficiency and operational benefits that drove the combination in the first place.

West Monroe Partners’ consultants apply experience in integration scenarios of all scopes and sizes to address:

  • Consolidation of applications and systems
  • Migration to new environments
  • Integration of systems and data
  • Project management and planning, to ensure that work stays on track and doesn’t interfere with the organizations’ core businesses

A broad perspective, a proven approach

When integrating two or more organizations’ systems and processes, West Monroe Partners utilizes an approach that considers the equally vital areas of strategy, people, process, and technology. We have experience with migration and consolidation efforts of all sizes, and our consultants are versed in every type of technology involved, including directory services, e-mail, DNS/DHCP, LAN/ WAN, VPN/remote access, and security across various platforms and operating systems.

The net result: you can focus on achieving the benefits and synergies that drove the combination in the first place.

That’s business in the right direction.

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