West Monroe Partners and KPI Library offer a solution that enables you to access the advantages of Cloud-based performance management, without a length and costly implementation process.

Cloud computing is one of the mega-trends in the IT industry. Consider:

  • Have you struggled with implementing a robust business dashboard?
  • Have you considered Cloud solutions but aren’t sure how or where to start? 
  • Can you benefit from Cloud business intelligence? How?

A smart transition to the Cloud
Like sales, finance, ERP, and IT Cloud solutions, reporting and dashboarding are now making their way to the Cloud.

If your organization is considering Cloud business intelligence to enhance decision making, but you aren’t sure where to start, we can help. West Monroe Partners and KPI Library have joined forces to provide a best-practice Cloud-based performance management dashboard—combining our extensive performance management knowledge and experience with KPI Library’s innovative Cloud-BI offering.

In just four weeks, we help you develop a full, Cloud-based reporting solution for one specific organizational process or service of your organization—from setting up your KPI framework to deploying performance management scorecards and dashboards. Then, applying the learnings from this approach, you can easily and efficiently add other processes or services.

Full features, defined focus
Our Solution-as-a-Service offering is a dedicated, full-feature KPI Library Performance Management environment, operating for a defined part of our organization and for an extensive evaluation period of 12 months—providing plenty of time to evaluate and enhance the solution. We work closely with your team to define the scope of implementation so that you gain maximum value from this focused solution—and from the potential of performance management in the Cloud.

Benefits at unprecedented speed
By focusing first on one specific process, you gain the direct value of ‘full implementation’ at an unprecedented speed. We help you establish and begin gaining the value of Cloud-based performance intelligence—any time and on any device—in just four weeks.

Expand with confidence
In the process, your team gains knowledge and experience that enables you to set up additional dashboards that support all facets of your organization.

Get started today
How can you access the undisputed benefits of Cloud computing to enhance reporting and performance management—without a lengthy and costly implementation process? With Monroe Partners and KPI Library—that’s how. That’s business in the right direction.