It’s time to upgrade spreadsheet reporting to the Cloud
West Monroe Partners and KPI Library offer a solution that enables you to access the advantages of Cloud-based performance management, without a length and costly implementation process.

There’s no question—producing spreadsheets and presentations is labor intensive and prone to human error. Yet, many organizations rely heavily on spreadsheets for performance management. Consider:

  • Do you use Excel and/or PowerPoint to create reports—despite having a business intelligence solution?
  • Is static reporting providing the insight you need to make day-to-day decisions and drive growth?
  • How is it possible that you can receive corporate e-mail on any device, anywhere in the world, processed instantly—yet you cannot get KPI information in the same way?

Make the move
If you are still managing your organization based on spreadsheets, this is a good time to consider a move to Cloud dashboards and reporting. We can help.

West Monroe Partners and KPI Library have joined forces to provide a best-practice, Cloud-based performance management dashboard—combining our extensive performance management knowledge and industry experience with KPI Library’s innovative knowledge platform and Cloud-based business intelligence offering.

This powerful solution makes the transition fast and pain free—with powerful and immediate decision-making benefits.

Simple—and powerful
Here’s how it works. You provide a sample of your current Excel-based performance reports, and we convert these into your very own performance information dashboard. Your executives then have 30 days to experience the easy-to-use built-in statistics, target setting, trend visualization, threshold settings, and much more—all delivered through their mobile devices.

If you decide to make the move to a live performance dashboard, we will provide a plan and support to get you up and running—in weeks rather than months or years.

Lower the risk of data errors
Research shows that 90 percent of all spreadsheets with more than 150 rows of data contain significant errors. Our Cloud-based solution, which integrates directly and daily with your data sources, removes this potential for making important decisions based on faulty, outdated spreadsheets.

Secure access—anytime, anywhere
Your executives likely use Cloud-based applications for e-mail, customer data management, banking, and other functions. Why not performance management? KPI Library uses the same levels of security as online banking platforms to provide up-to-the-minute insight through online dashboards, smart phones and tablets.

That’s business in the right direction.