Overcome inefficiencies that hinder today's customer loyalty programs.

West Monroe brings an unusually holistic perspective to customer loyalty programs given our uncommon blend of expertise in customer loyalty and co-branded/private label credit card programs, combined with customer experience operations and technology.


Customer loyalty has never been more important than it is today, yet the battle to win and keep customers has never been more difficult. Rising consumer expectations, rapidly escalating rewards expense, and digital evolution are among the factors creating vast inefficiency in delivery of effective loyalty programs.

We believe the key to creating a more effective customer engagement effort is identifying the key drivers of inefficiency in the structure and delivery of your loyalty program, and developing targeted initiatives to resolve them.  West Monroe’s L.E.A.P. solution is designed to do just that, in a short four-week timeframe.

Our Approach

From program operations to management of experiential value and card offerings, there is opportunity to reinvent how we think about the concept of loyalty and how we modernize programs to drive more value back to the business.

  • Is it becoming more costly to run and manage your loyalty programs?
  • Is your loyalty program integrated and aligned with your card program?
  • Are you using customer data to increase member engagement? 
  • Does your loyalty program offer benefits beyond points and rewards, such as personalized/differentiated experiences?
  • Are you losing customers to your competitors due to a lack of differentiation in your customer experience?
  • Do you have a clearly defined loyalty strategy?

Through L.E.A.P., our team helps our clients win the battle for customer loyalty. We partner with our clients to evaluate the maturity of their customer loyalty program by assessing the nineteen drivers of efficiency, covering the areas of customer expectations, cost and liability, card program structure, and operations.

By understanding the drivers influencing an organization’s loyalty program, our solution enables companies to rethink the concept of loyalty and modernize their program to drive more value back to their business. 

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