Do you have what it takes to navigate—and succeed in—a complex, competitive payments marketplace?
Our deep industry experience, technology expertise and customer focus add up to more effective card programs.

Stand out from the crowd

Today’s payments space offers great opportunities— but capitalizing on them requires navigating growing complexity and heightened competition from both traditional and non-traditional players. Successful payments providers excel at differentiating their capabilities, engaging their cardholders, and delivering services as effectively, securely, and efficiently as possible. Do you?

Maximizing your opportunities in this marketplace requires the ability and experience to link card program strategy with customer service, marketing, partnerships, operations, underwriting, and security. Applying an uncommon blend of broad industry knowledge and technical expertise that spans the many facets of your business that payments touch, West Monroe Partners can help improve your bottom line while making cardholders happier and more loyal than they were before. We collaborate with payments providers to improve the following areas:

  • Customer experience
  • Digital/mobile strategy
  • Partnerships
  • High performance contact center
  • Cybersecurity and PCI DSS compliance
  • Operational excellence
  • Customer experience strategy and insights
Your cardholders’ expectations— from experience to rewards—are evolving. We help clients assess, improve, and maintain strong cardholder engagement and program performance. For example, we have helped payment providers develop:

  • Personalized marketing campaign capabilities
  • Product-centric marketing strategies
  • Operational improvement road maps based on customer journey mapping
  • Contact center strategies and performance enhancements

Mobile and digital strategy

Mobile wallets and related digital offerings are creating considerable market confusion and competition. While mobile transactions are growing, they remain a small fraction of card spend—creating tremendous opportunities for those who can successfully capture the customer. We help payments providers develop:

  • Digital marketing and communications strategies for card programs
  • Technologies and business processes that enable digital programs


Whether a co-brand, private label, affinity, or agent banking program, a successful payments partnership can be a win-win situation for the issuer, card network and merchant. But success requires differentiation, creativity, and excellence. Our experience on both sides of the table allows us to bring parties together to create powerful partnerships that increase spending, customer acquisitions, and revenue. We can provide:

  • Transactional advisory/partner selection for the buy- or sell-side
  • Partner retention strategy/advisory support
  • Capabilities assessments
  • Market entry strategy
  • In-flight program performance reviews
  • Market messaging evaluation and improvement
  • Pricing strategies
  • Value proposition development and refresh

High performance contact center

We help clients transform contact centers into value centers by improving performance and customer satisfaction, maximizing employee productivity, and reducing operating costs. Leading analysts have endorsed our High Performance Contact Center diagnostic, which allows clients to begin contact center transformation in as little as two weeks.

Cybersecurity and PCI DSS compliance 

In a regulated industry such as this one, keeping up with increasingly complex security requirements is critical for protecting your customers’ sensitive data—not to mention your bank’s reputation and bottom line. Maintaining effective cybersecurity, however, is not a check-the-box exercise. We apply a business-first perspective to make sure your cards and payments programs are secure, while still allowing efficient operations. We assist banks and payments providers with:

  • Cybersecurity strategy and road maps
  • Threat assessment and resolution
  • PCI DSS advisory
  • Tools analysis and justification

Operational excellence

You may have the most innovative offerings and marketing campaigns, but if your back office operations are inefficient, it will be difficult to compete and reap all of the benefits of a successful card program. And making meaningful improvements to your customers’ experience often involves making changes that impact numerous functional areas and delivery processes. Combining Lean principles with years of banking and payments experience, we can help your organization transform operations to deliver programs effectively and efficiently.

Maintain your competitive edge

Emerging digital channels, shifting consumer behaviors, and greater complexity require a fresh look at your payment products, delivery mechanisms, partners, and technologies. Our blend of experience and capabilities has helped many issuers, payment networks, processors, and other providers create winning formulas for their businesses by:

  • Gaining new partnerships and accelerating performance of existing programs
  • Improving cardholder engagement by optimizing customer experience
  • Developing personalized marketing strategies that enable faster campaign execution at a lower cost
  • Optimizing call center performance
  • Developing winning market entry and card program growth strategies
  • Reducing fraud vulnerability through effective and business-focused cybersecurity strategies

That’s business in the right direction.

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