Helping utilities understand the “size of the prize” for workforce productivity improvement for distribution, supply, generation, construction, maintenance, and field/customer operations.

A sound starting point

To unlock efficiency, you need to address operating cost constraints, the changing labor environment, and rising customer expectations. But first, you need to know where you stand

  • Have you adapted your workforce to handle an increase in CAPEX spend and recent deployment of transmission investments, grid automation, or technology?
  • Have you revised job descriptions, standards, and KPIs in accordance with any recent organizational or financial restructuring?
  • Have increasing regulatory compliance requirements impacted your core operations?
  • Are low-value activities eroding the productivity of your operations (ineffective meetings, administrative work, waiting for decisions, permits, rework, etc.)?
  • What opportunities exist to connect management, front office, and back office to provide visibility into customer-facing operations?
  • Is the right technology in place to drive efficiencies?

When you are ready to chart a path to maximum efficiency, we can help. We blend the science of engineering with the art of people to help our clients – some of the world’s largest and most complex utilities – optimize their workforces and core processes.

Calculating productivity

We use a proven and accurate approach to determine current and potential productivity levels by measuring and modeling three key areas to determine your productivity index. What we find is that for every 10 hours that a person works, they only realize 6.5 hours of productive output. Spread across the entire organization, that is a significant drag on output potential. Our productivity index benchmark allows us to calculate the “size of the prize” and plot a practical course for improvement, thus allowing you to unlock significant value residing within your current organization. The best part: we can deliver a Productivity Blueprint quickly— typically in six weeks or less—so you can begin your path to unlocking productivity. For most of our clients, that means double-digit improvements in efficiency.

Here’s how it works

We examine the critical, labor intensive activities - like field break/fix or maintenance work, meter maintenance/replacement, or warehouse operations - using a combination of observations, surveys, interviews, and other relevant data specific to your operations. It includes: 

  • A review of performance management including supervisor effectiveness and current management challenges
  • Evaluate your current process, methods, and metrics used to execute day-to-day warehouse operations 
  • Models for organizational planning, staffing, spans of control, and succession planning
  • The “customer” experience of functions being analyzed

The output: Your productivity blueprint

We provide a clear understanding of where you stand today—and much more. We:

  • Quantify your potential for increasing output or freeing organizational capacity to reduce costs
  • Analyze work methods and standard procedures and processes and improve supervisor effectiveness
  • Assess technology and systems (and supporting resources)
  • Review environment, including safety and risk mitigation
  • Identify areas of productivity leakage (ineffective meetings, decision velocity, clarity in roles and responsibilities
  • Recommend performance metrics and targets

The result is an idea log with quick wins and a comprehensive roadmap of improvements to maximize efficiency, including timeline, priority of initiatives, resources required, risks, expected benefits, and associated ROI.

Value unlocked from engineering through execution

To drive maximum value, your workforce needs the right conditions to succeed. We work with you to identify opportunities to optimize labor and reduce complexity while enhancing customer experience.

Are you ready to uncover double-digit improvements in operational efficiency? Contact us today to get started.

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