Obeya rituals helped implementation of “plateau” organization.
Many large-scale project (PMO) efforts often involve complex change across multiple functions that require timely communication and coordination to manage project scope, schedule, and budgets.

West Monroe has reexamined the traditional approach to project management and developed an innovative “visual management”  approach to facilitate effective collaboration by standing up the Obeya Room at the heart of your PMO operation.

Big projects Deserve a "Big Room"

The Obeya Room, which means “Big Room” in Japanese, was designed to get project team members out of their offices and into a central location where they can meet, visually see realtime project status, discuss key information, and solve pressing problems. 

The Obeya methodology enables team collaboration to address issues, update statuses, and discuss downstream impact to changes with respect to scope, schedule, and budget.

Seeing is Believing 

The Obeya methodology provides real-time visual management capability by using a dedicated workspace to consistently display realtime critical project information. West Monroe has adopted this capability to help clients create a culture of accountability and enable team collaboration that is necessary to manage critical path activities for complex programs. 

Value Added Benefits of Obeya 


A project’s leadership team can save time by bringing helpful visuals, necessary information, and vital resources together in one place.


The centralization of key individuals enables the transition of siloed groups into effective teams where focus on customer complaints, quality measures, and issues are placed at the heart of discussion.


Obeya fosters an environment in which employees can work together across disciplines and in real-time, rather than via e-mail or in rushed meetings with PowerPoint decks that that never get a second look.

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