We minimize risk and maximize value for your most complex transactions - from inception to close and beyond.
West Monroe Partners has worked on more than 500 deals with over 60 strategic and financial buyers.

It’s a new world for private equity firms. Smart investors today recognize that selecting the right target is just the first step. What will separate successful private equity firms from the rest will be value creation within their portfolios, something that is becoming more difficult amidst increasing regulations and growing risks.

West Monroe specializes in helping private equity firms across all phases of the transaction lifecycle – with an eye towards creating value at all stages along the way. With extensive experience, proven methodology, and capabilities that span from analysis through execution, West Monroe is the partner that can support your deal process - from diligence through successful post-close execution.

Our transaction competencies

West Monroe Partners has proven, hands on experience across the deal lifecycle with two focused competencies: Pre-Close IT and Operational Diligence and Post Close Carve-out and Integration.


IT Diligence

  • IT investments and strategic initiatives
  • Proprietary / software technology assessment
  • Leadership and capabilities
  • IT carve-out & merger integration

Operational Diligence

  • Marketing and call center operations
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Supply chain operations
  • Logistics planning and distribution


Carve-Out Execution

  • Transition Services Agreement
  • Carve-out strategy and planning
  • Execution and project management
  • Managed services

Merger & Integration

  • Integration strategy and planning
  • Program management
  • Synergy tracking
  • Organizational design
  • Customer loyalty, retention, and cross-sell

A comprehensive, proven due diligence approach

West Monroe Partners has a proven methodology for integrating your Operational and IT due diligence activities. We differentiate ourselves by understanding your industries, spending time up front to understand the investment thesis as a baseline to developing our diligence plan, and using our integrated approach to increase value and align our operational and IT recommendations.

Business Processes

West Monroe Partners begins every due diligence project by developing a comprehensive understanding of the investment thesis. Then, we tailor our diligence approach to identify supporting IT systems, uncover any gaps and required IT investments and determine appropriate business improvement opportunities to achieve the investment strategy. We also highlight areas of operational improvement that can increase productivity and efficiency.


After analyzing business processes, operational components, supporting IT environment, and identifying business improvement opportunities, West Monroe will create a list of projects for moving a Target from the current state to the future state. This mitigates risk and optimizes your post-transaction return on investment – contributing to a successful acquisition that meets your investment thesis.


Once we identify the required and optional investments in technology and operations, we develop a budget for one-time and ongoing IT hardware, software, and services costs. We also identify cost-saving opportunities through synergies.


To be able to move quickly upon closing, an integrated plan with timeline is imperative. This phased plan, which considers human resources, payroll and benefits, finance, and accounting, in addition to IT, identifies pre-close and post-close projects, timing, resources, and costs required to execute the transaction. We also highlight issues and risks, their impact to the roadmap and recommendations on how to mitigate them. With this plan you can move quickly to execute on activities, and realize post transaction returns as soon as possible.

Organization Structure

Our assessment also addresses the resource requirements and teams required to implement the plan. We develop a team structure that incorporates existing business and IT staff, augmented with additional resources as necessary to achieve objectives.

The right partner makes the difference

West Monroe has worked on more than 500 deals with over 60 strategic and financial buyers, providing pre-close operational and IT due diligence, post-close planning and carve-out/ integration services. We understand the complexities and the keys to executing deals effectively. Why is this important to you? Because you want more certainty; you want to understand the risks, the costs and how to deal with the unknown. That’s why you want a trusted, experienced advisor like West Monroe Partners.