Secure the perimeter around your tenant and protect your company data.
By implementing a combination of secure configurations, data policies, and software tools, West Monroe can help you protect company data from tenant intrusion.

Security is a team effort

While Microsoft has gone to great lengths to secure your Office 365 back-end infrastructure, you are still responsible for securing the front door. This includes:

  • Protecting user accounts
  • Safeguarding authorized devices 
  • Preventing data exfiltration
  • Blocking malware and phishing attempts 
  • Monitoring for suspicious activity to detect a compromised account or malicious insider 

Any organization that doesn’t own these responsibilities is vulnerable to a data breach— regardless of the security standards built into the products it uses.

Hardening establishes the right security practices for your Office 365 environment 

West Monroe can help you employ world-class security practices that support a modern digital workplace running on Office 365. Our team possesses an uncommon blend of Microsoft experience, cybersecurity expertise and business acumen to help you harden your Office 365 environment. During a one-week assessment, our security experts will identify the types of sensitive data stored across email, SharePoint, and OneDrive and generate a report of vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could expose this data. The team will then work with you to decide which of the 100+ possible hardening options are appropriate for your organization.

Eliminating all known security gaps is not enough 

The most effective security programs manage your threat landscape and protect your business over time, not just at a particular point in time.

Hardening access controls and implementing tighter security policies will thwart unsophisticated attacks, but your high value users are still vulnerable to a targeted strike. By implementing a system of auditing, monitoring, and real-time alerting, you can detect suspicious activity and deploy an automated, swift response.

Rest easy knowing that your data is safe

Closing security gaps across known attack vectors and creating a system of monitoring and alerting means that you can feel confident that your data is secure.

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