Business is changing. Is your distribution network model keeping pace?
West Monroe Partners can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your network operations - with an eye toward defining practical solutions that support your objectives and produce value.

Many companies’ distribution networks are not as effective or efficient as they could be—often because they become “stale” and don’t keep up with evolving business or market conditions.


  • Has your company recently been part of a merger, acquisition, or divestiture, or are you considering one?
  • Have you expanded into new geographies or product lines?
  • Is customer demand changing?
  • Are you relying too much on expedited shipping methods to meet customer delivery needs?
  • Are your operating costs growing faster than sales?

Things change

If your organization has undergone major change since you last evaluated and adjusted your network model, it may be time to take a fresh look. Even without significant change in your operations, market or competitive developments make it prudent to review your network regularly. We can help.

We combine broad industry experience, deep skills in network design, and—most importantly—a practical approach to help manufacturing and distribution organizations design and implement network strategies that
support their operations and goals, today and for the road ahead.

Is “optimization” the optimal goal?

In theory, network “optimization” sounds like a worthy objective. But our organizations operate in the real world rather than the theoretical world—and for most, an incremental level of improvement can produce substantial value. Our network model analysis first considers your facilities, products, transportation network and costs, demand, inventory, and other metrics. Then, we weigh that information against your objectives to determine, for example, whether your facilities are best located to handle current and projected demand or whether an alternative model would be more advantageous from a service and cost-optimization perspective.

Our network model analysis includes:

  • Thorough data gathering and analysis using tools appropriate for your situation and goals
  • Development and modeling of alternative network strategies
  • Recommendations for a network model that best positions your organization to meet objectives
  • A practical implementation road map
  • A boardroom-quality report of findings and recommendations, with a business case to support changes
  • Strategies to reduce carbon footprint
  • Ways to reduce risk and increase security across your supply chain

Of course, we have the experience and resources to provide any level of assistance you need in implementing network model improvements.