Complete Support, from Strategy to Successful Deployment
West Monroe Partners can help you develop mobile applications designed around your business needs and goals: closer connections with employees, customer, and partners; fast, efficient development; user-friendly interfaces; and back-end integration with your systems.

Companies across many industries are beginning to recognize the clear economic benefits of offering mobile applications to their customers, employees, suppliers, and other business partners, who increasingly need—and expect—to access information and even complete transactions while on the move.

Have you considered the following:

  • Does your field staff require mobile access to enterprise applications, but those applications do not have a mobile interface?
  • Are you trying to reach a customer base that could use your services
    while they are “on the go”?
  • Do you want to develop a mobile presence but don’t have the capabilities or capacity to build the internal technical architecture?

Access while on the move

These are just a few of the many opportunities to use mobile applications to strengthen connections with

  • Retail customers can find stores, search product inventories, and watch
    how-to videos
  • Real estate buyers can search properties, access directions, see sales histories, or find an agent
  • Insurance customers can check claims or pay bills
  • Pharmaceutical sales agents can enter sales information or access drug information to address doctors’

Moreover, research shows that mobile applications can create “stickiness”—once users download an application, they tend not to search the web for alternatives.

Front-end interface, back-end integration

If you are seeking to increase access to your products, services, or systems, West Monroe Partners can help you develop a mobile application designed around your needs and goals.

We design and develop consumer and enterprise business applications, delivering a user-friendly mobile interface as well as the back-end integration to your internal systems—both key elements of a successful mobile application.

Full-service mobile application development

West Monroe Partners provides full-service mobile application development, including:

  • Defining a mobile strategy
  • Defining application functionality
  • Designing the application’s look and feel
  • Building and testing the application
  • Deploying the application across various mobile platforms

Each mobile platform—such as the iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, and Windows Phone 7—requires a unique user interface and deployment strategy. We work with each, as appropriate for your needs, but we also design applications with the potential to reuse data access and business rules across platforms to the fullest extent possible. We also facilitate integration with the necessary internal systems, with a particular eye to making sure the right data is available to mobile users in a secure fashion.

Finally, we use the same Agile development methodology that we apply for standard development projects— meaning that we build functionality in small iterations, and that you always have a working piece of software to review, test, and modify.

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