Manufacturing & Distribution — Capitalize on the opportunities, increase stakeholder value.
West Monroe Partners offers a full range of global management and technology consulting capabilities, along with deep experience across all types of manufacturing and distribution environments.

Across all sectors, manufacturing and distribution organizations share the common need to drive revenue growth, control costs, and manage existing assets as efficiently and effectively as possible. Consider:

  • Are you able to identify root causes?
  • Is your organization struggling to identify the best ways to grow revenue, control costs, and manage existing assets?
  • Do you have the resources necessary to make improvements and, ultimately, increase stakeholder value?
  • Are you striving to advance longterm business goals instead of simply completing projects?

Confronting the challenges?

To maximize stakeholder value, most companies will confront—and must successfully address—challenges such as:

  • Evolving customer and channel requirements and demands
  • Shifting rivalries and competitive landscape
  • Increasing supply chain risk and complexity
  • Growing regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Escalating changes in enabling technologies

We listen first

If you are searching for the most effective ways to drive value from your business, West Monroe Partners can help. We offer a full range of global management and technology consulting capabilities, along with deep experience across all types of manufacturing and distribution environments. But what really sets West Monroe Partners apart is HOW we work with you:

  • We take time to listen first and to understand your needs and priorities; only then do we begin to think about solutions.
  • We approach our work with an eye toward building trust and relationships, not simply completing a project. By getting to know you and your team, we know we can do more to help you navigate complex situations and arrive at the right answers.
  • We recognize that theory alone does not drive value creation. We work with you to develop solutions that are fact-based, innovative, and—importantly—practical to implement.

A familiar team, a seasoned team

When you work with West Monroe Partners, you work with seasoned manufacturing and distribution professionals—and with the people you meet before you decide to do business with us. Then, as we understand your
issues and help you identify high-value opportunities, we bring the right resources and skills to address your needs.

From developing strategy to realizing results, West Monroe Partners can assist with these and many other avenues for boosting stakeholder value:

  • Executing expansion into new customer domains, markets and channels
  • Competing more effectively through successful alliances, mergers and acquisitions
  • Transforming operations into efficient and effective competitive advantage
  • Utilizing technology to drive analytics and insight
  • Navigating the increasingly complex regulatory and compliance environment

The right answers

Can you sort through the complex array of alternatives and identify the right answers for increasing stakeholder value?

Combining deep skills and industry experience with an approach grounded in your needs, West Monroe Partners is the partner that can help you gain clarity quickly, make the changes necessary, and run a healthy, thriving business—one that delivers real stakeholder value.