Boost the Power and Potential of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

West Monroe Partners can help you design and implement an effective SharePoint solution that drives a variety of business benefits, which include, but not limited to: improved productivity, lower costs of printing and distributing information, and faster, more effective decision making. 


Over the years, most organizations have invested heavily in technology to manage and control information. But, as these data-intensive solutions play a larger and larger role in managing the business, employees often find themselves mired in information overload—struggling to find the information they need to make
the decisions that can make a difference. Consider:

  • Does your organization store a large number of key documents on users’ computers?
  • Do you need to secure content access for particular users or groups?
  • Do your employees share information primarily through e-mail?
  • Do you have a way of searching all of your company’s information assets from a single location?
  • Do you have SharePoint as part of your Microsoft contract but aren’t sure how to take advantage of it?

Information—advantage and disadvantage?

To derive value from intellectual capital and succeed in an information-centric world, you need to ensure two things:
  • Your employees have fast, effective, reliable access to current information
  • You are leveraging knowledge and information effectively across your organization

The right information, to the right people, at the right time

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is a platform for enhanced enterprise content management, collaboration, and much more. It facilitates the way people find, organize, and share information by serving as the foundation for intranet, extranet, or Web-based applications that manage content and/or business processes. SharePoint enables an array of vital business processes—from processing insurance claims, to prioritizing and tracking IT governance initiatives, to managing the work of a global project team, to consolidating and reporting sales and marketing data.

Organizations of all types use SharePoint to facilitate:

  • Enterprise content management
  • Document management
  • Business process automation
  • Dashboards, data integration, and reporting
  • Employee collaboration
  • Customer, vendor, or business partner communication

Your experienced SharePoint partner

Whether you want to improve operations or make better use of your existing SharePoint license, talk to West Monroe Partners. We specialize in optimizing the business systems and processes that drive performance. We understand the information needs of various stakeholders, the diverse systems that produce information, and, most significantly, the importance of getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

West Monroe Partners, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and recipient of several Microsoft awards for our work with SharePoint, offers the expertise to help you design and implement an effective SharePoint-based solution:

  • Infrastructure and application design expertise
  • SharePoint credentials in a variety of environments and industries
  • Iterative development methodology that ensures stakeholder input and buy-in throughout the process
  • A high-end usability approach
  • An established center of excellence in enterprise content management

Organize your organization to win

Leveraging years of SharePoint experience, West Monroe Partners can help you apply this flexible tool to organize, manage, and deliver content to facilitate your critical goals. Our experienced enterprise content management and technology professionals will work with your team to:

  • Audit and categorize existing content
  • Evaluate content requirements
  • Conduct a technology assessment of your existing environment
  • Develop a robust SharePoint strategy aligned with your strategy and goals
  • Customize SharePoint for your environment and needs
  • Integrate SharePoint with disparate systems
  • Build customized, SharePoint-based applications or extensions
  • Evaluate and redesign work flow
  • Design a user-friendly interface
  • Establish effective content governance principles and processes
  • Prepare documentation and train users and administrators

West Monroe Partners can help you leverage many Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 features to enhance collaboration, communication, and other key elements of your operations. For example:

  • Coordinate projects, calendars, and schedules
  • Synchronize shared documents, calendars, and tasks
  • Streamline or automate paper-based processes
  • Secure documents and sensitive information
  • Establish team sites to enhance collaboration
  • Train and share information with new employees
  • Improve individuals’ ability to search documents, web pages, and business data across locations and functions
  • Deliver personalized content by role and/or location
  • Publish interactive dashboards using Excel 2007 and other tools

Put the power of SharePoint to work

Whether you are considering upgrading to SharePoint 2007, making better use of the software you now have, or seeking a new enterprise content management or collaboration solution, West Monroe Partners can help. Talk to us about how SharePoint can help you.